Shopping Spree 2 Slots

Everyone has wondered what it would be like to go on a huge shopping spree, to buy luxury goods and fancy items. Shopping Spree 2 Slots gives you all the excitement and imagery you would associate with going on a glamorous shopping spree. Plus, you might just win enough money to actually go on a real shopping spree and buy the kind of stuff you can see on the game board while you play.

Entering the Game

This game takes into an upscale boutique. You can see handbags on the shelves in the background. Everything has tasteful lighting and it looks the way a real fancy boutique would look. The soft colors and pretty design are easy to look at, so this game is very easy to play for a long time.

Watching the Reels

This game has a classic slots layer out with five reels and three rows where the symbols will appear. As the reels spin, various items you associate with a shopping spree will appear. You will see shopping bags and credit cards and sales tags. you will also see high heels and diamond necklaces, along with golden sunglasses and luxury watches.

Playing the Game

You don't have to worry about how much you're going to bet on this game. The best is always $2.25, so all you have to do is spin the wheel and let the symbols line u as they will. It's very easy and very fun because you don't have to come up with a strategy and think about what you're going to bet. Everything is easy and simple, so you can simply click the button to spin the reels and enjoy yourself watching the game board.

Big Win

There's one big feature of this game that sets it apart: the jackpot. The entire time you're playing the game, you'll be adding to the progressive jackpot. It will go higher and higher upwards from $100,000, until an actual player wins it. This kind of money can change a life. You can definitely go on a good shopping spree if you win a huge jackpot like this.

Looking for Shopping Spree 2 Slots

Get closer to a real shopping spree by looking for Shopping Spree 2 Slots online You will find this game at digital casinos that carry online slots games. This is a popular game with a progressive jackpot, so you can find it in many different online casinos.