Lucky Lightning Slots

Ancient legends say that Zeus, king of the gods, uses lightning bolts. Even if you've never studied history or Greek mythology, you know about Zeus. You probably know some of the other powerful gods and goddesses who live on Mount Olympus with him. You may even know about certain legendary animals and images you can find in those old tales. And you will see all this in the gorgeous Lucky Lightning Slots. This beautiful game is brightly colored and brilliantly designed. Start playing it and see what makes it stand out.

Building a Game World

This game will take you up to Mount Olympus itself, a beautiful place where you will see various gods and goddesses, not to mention symbols and images you associate with them. You might even see some magical, mythical creatures while you're playing here. You will see the beautiful mountains and trees in the background, not to mention all the flashing lighting. That's Zeus. Will he help you or hinder you in your path to the treasure?

Matching Symbols

This slots game has five reels and three rows where various symbols from Greek mythology and ancient legends will appear. You will see Zeus, of course, along with his lightning bolts that have their own distinct symbols. OF coures, Pegagsus is here. You will also see the minotaur, the griffin, golden coins and maybe even a lovely goddess. After all, this is Mount Olympus.

Choose Your Fate

There are a few things you can control when it comes to this slots game, though you can't always control where the reels land. Bet as low as $0.25 or as high as $125 per spin. That's a lot to bet on one spin, but you can win quite a lot if you win because you bet a lot. But if you want more than that, no worries. How does winning a million dollars sound?

Million Dollar Jackpot

Lucky Lighting has plenty of pay lines for you to win while you play, not to mention a multiplier bet that will allow you to get an even bigger jackpot. But the really exciting feature of this game is the progressive jackpots. There are three in total: silver, old and platinum. Win the silver jackpot and you'll win over $5,000. The gold jackpot has tens of thousands of dollars to offer. And if you hit the platinum jackpot? Expect to get a million dollars or more. A million dollars. Or more! That's a whole lot of reasons to play this slots game.

Where to Find Lucky Lightning Slots

Ready for your chance to get a million dollars? Look for Lucky Lightning Slots online at digital casinos. Lots of online casinos carry this slots game, which is full of winning opportunities. Search for it and soon, you will playing for your chance to win a million dollars.