Wild Fire 7s Slots

Even in the real-world casinos that you can visit in tourist cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, digital games are becoming more and more popular. Why pull a bunch of levers when you can elegantly push a button on a touchscreen instead? So many more things are possible when games are digital, from the amazing array of colors that can be presented to the various graphic thrills that are now programmable. Now, slot games might have explosions or mini-games, little characters that pop out and talk to you and so much more. That's when you need Wild Fire 7s Slots.

Stripped Down Approach

Wild Fire 7s Slots is designed to look like an old-fashioned slots game. In fact, the game board itself is designed to match the style of an old slot machine. It has a very standard and classic design with three reels and three rows. You can see the lines and curves of the slot machine, complete with the various betting buttons right along the front.

Making the Reels Spin

Even the reels have a classic look to them. They are filled with traditional slots game symbols. That includes the lucky number 7, the bar symbols, and a pair of cherries, all the classics that are so heavily associated with slot machines.

Playing Mechanics

Bet as little as $0.50 on each spin or go up to $5 per spin. Press the button and wait for the symbols to line up along the pay lines, which you can actually see on the game board. But there's also a little something extra.

The Little Extras

You will notice an extra feature on the game board: an extra reel. This is where wild symbols and multipliers may appear, which can turn wins into even bigger wins. You will also notice that winning money is pretty easy with this game. If you get a single cherry symbol anywhere on the board, you'll get money. Now, just imagine what might happen if you get three cherry symbols.

Time to Play Wild Fire 7s Slots

Are you ready to play Wild Fire 7s Slots and enjoy the classic look of slots games from the past, with a bit of a modern twist? Look for this slots game at online casinos and you will find it. Hopefully, you will also find lots of winning symbols, too. Enjoy the classic look and the modern ways to win with this fun slots game.